Meat Gripper

Meat Gripper(Applied Robotics)

The Meat Gripper is a USDA and FDA approved machinery used for picking, placing, and handling materials. The product durably responds to a wide variety of items from fresh foods to frozen foods, sliced material to non-uniform items are relocated from one place to another with the Meat Gripper. Lightweight materials used in the equipment achieve easy sanitization for product and production site guidelines for hygiene. The consistent and smooth movement is made applicable for high speed workloads. The Meat Gripper is not exclusive to the food industry and performs invariable reliability critical for your automation needs. →Data sheets(Login only)


  • Low weight design and consistency increases optimal performance and production speed
  • Consistent with open and close times enables smooth movements for high speed capabilities
  • Various industries use the Meat Gripper for hard to handle products


  • Washdown safe to adhere to production cleaning guidelines.
  • Accurate and gentle portion to group loading to trays, thermoformers or other packaging.
  • For multiple head operation, each head is programmed to produce a different size or type of pack format.
  • Easy integration and customization of grip size and mounting to handle any application

Distribution Region

  • Japan
  • Taiwan

Meat Gripper

Meat Gripper In Action at Adept