Smart Gripper

Applied Robotic’s Smart Gripper 2.1 is an intricately designed robot finger used for precision and application flexibility. The scalability of the design increases efficiencies for various applications and provides solutions for accurate positioning needs. The Smart Gripper includes an internal motion controller and precision motor.


The Smart Gripper operates under 24Vdc discrete signal for any robot controller application, and 2 Amps at most, and users can select up to 32 programs with the five discrete input lines. Automated fail safe brake had been installed to prevent objects from dropping upon power loss.


Integration is easy with the PC-based Integrated Development Environment. The Smart Gripper 2.1 fingers are capable of holding microplates, test tubes, and other media in both landscape and portrait orientation. Provided fingers can be interchangeable and can be designed by the user.



  • 75mm of finger travel
  • Repeatability 0.022mm
  • Up to 10N variable and adjustable grip force
  • Easy integration
  • 12bit relative encoder closed loop architechture
  • Single cable for power and communication
  • Pending CE certification


  • Accurate positioning of the robot fingers
  • Sinple integration with various controllers
  • Reliable and safe
  • Enables damage prevention
  • No proprietary software or controllers required
  • Minimized backlash from direct drive
  • RoHS compliant

Distribution Region

  • Japan
  • Taiwan