3DOF Helicopter

The planar inverted pendulum series of products adopt an open architecture control solution and a modularized experiment platform. With XY table and 2-DOF robot arm module as the base platform, adding a 2-DOF ball joint, a one-stage or two-stage inverted pendulum is developed to provide a more challenging research and experiment platform. A planar inverted pendulum simulates more closely the control and visual effect of an inverted handstand of an acrobat or the launching position control of a missile or rocket.




  • Offering 3 degrees of freedom in rotation
  • Develop and verify onefs own control algorithm
  • Experiment verification and demonstration program
  • Comprehensive experiment kit, covering the dynamic modeling, classic control experiment, modern control experiment, optimized control experiment and intelligent control experiment


  1. Research and Development
      • Prototyping and Simulations
  2. Education Tool
      • University Labs
      • Control and Programing Course
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