CD Inspection Systems

Innovation Matrix represents a company that is dedicated to the CD production industry. The following is the list of standard systems available for the CD production industry.


  • CD ID Code Verfication System - Verifying the ID of the CD before it is printed or packed.
  • CD Printing (Label) QA System - This system is used with printer to monitor the printing quality right after the printing process.
  • CD Cake-Box Label Checking System - The main function is to check the label surrounding the CD cake-box.
  • CD Auto-Alignment System - This system aims to align the CD before it is put into the packing material. Your CDs looks neat when they are on the shelf.
  • Optical Media Barcode Reader - EVOMBR provides the function for user to read barcode of CD, DVD or other.


These systems provide the ideal LOW COST entry into the automatic inspection of CD related product manufacturing.



  • Verifying the ID of CD before it is printed or packed. Can be used with printers or sorters
  • Add "auto design" function(recognize DVD-5/DVD-9 automatically)
  • Support various kind of CD,including Blu-ray DVD
  • Integrate detective disk sensor inside of the mechanism,can detect even 8cm(diam) CD
  • Support flickering function with light source, can prolong use life
  • Use DOM(Disk On Module) to replace HDD, increases the system reliablity substantially
  • Provide 4 kinds of verification:code 39;code 128;EAN-13 and Sony code
  • GUI is user-friendly :now English and Chineseare standard. Other language can be set. (please contact us)
  • Inspection time:<300ms/pcs (It can achieve more than 150 pieces/ min.)

CD Label

Distribution Region

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • USA
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