Automatic Dimension Measurement System

GS - 150120GN

The Auto Dimension Measuring Sytem is a non-contact image processing system from CEW used for for measuring large films and sheets up to 1500mm x 1200 mm (X-Y Axis.) Compatable with the 5th Generation LCD and conducted by easy operation begining with a single mouse-click of the measurement points. Applications include function films for LCD back light, punched out parts made of elastomers, film resistance for screen printing, and printed patterns for flexible circuit boards.


  • 5th Generation LCD Compatible
  • Includes a vacuum plate for wide sheet fixing
  • Easy operation in standard mode and polarization mode
  • High accuracy
  • Image Data Recording Function
    • Standard mode saves and retrieves images
    • Images can be attatched to the output data
  • Automated Reporting Function
    • Measurement data reported in Excel

Technical Data

    External dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

    2600 x 2000 x 1800

    Measurement Range ( X - Y Axis) (mm)

    1500 x 1200

    Maximum Measurable Thickness (mm)


    Automatic Measurement

    Corner (90 degrees,)

    Horizontal line, vertical line

    Semi-automatic measurement

    Corner, Straight line,

    Circle (radius, diameter,

    distance between center points,)

    Oval (radius, short diameter, long diameter,)

    R-cut (radius,)

    U-cut (radius, short diameter, long diameter,)

    C-cut (angle, extension intersection distance,)

    Sector (radius, circular arc, center angle)

    Measurement Accuracy (um)

    ± 10 + 10 x L/ 500

    Control resolution



    ± 5

    Optical Magnification

    0.4 - 1.6

    Number of measurement points

    1,000 points


Distribution Region

  • China
  • Taiwan
  • USA
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