GO-400 Multifunction Data Acquisition Card


The GO-400 is a multifunction PC acquisition card that provides analog and digital inputs/outputs, high precision operation for quadrature incremental encoders, timer/counter for real-time operation and counting external events. The GO-400 offers a compact solution for position and speed measurements on an IBM/AT-compatible PC. The evaluation of the incremental encoder signals and communication with PC are performed completely by a FPGA chip. The acquisition card requires a 16-bit PC-slot.


(ISA bus) and uses the supply voltage +5V from the PC bus. Once, up to 8 GO-400 acquisition cards may be installed in a PC as the card reserves 16 addresses of the PC I/O address range. The shipment includes an interconnect module, 100-pin SCSI-type cable, extensive manual, software for function testing, and driver routines in C and C++ source code.


The GT-400 is a 4-axis motion control card and GT-800 is an 8-axis motion control card for PC. These are applicable to the control of multiple-axis equipment, such as PCB drilling and milling machines.



Distribution Region

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia Pacific
    (excluding China & Singapore)
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