GT-800 Series Motion Controller


The GT-800 motion controller is an 8-axis controller, developed by Googol Technology, which provides more control axes and functionalities than the GT-400 series. Providing high-performance and flexibility, the GT-800 is applicable to the control of multiple-axis equipment such as PCB drilling and milling machines.



  • Adopt high-performance DSP and FPGA technology
  • servo/step motor controls
  • Sampling period is programmable. The minimum interpolation period of four axes is 200s. The minimum control period of single-axis motion is 25 s
  • Motion mode: point-to-point motion, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, velocity control, manual pulse generator interface, and electrical gear. Programmable T-curve planning and S-curve planning. On-the-fly update motion control parameters
  • All the position and parameter registers are of 32 bits
  • Hardware capture home switch and index signal of encoder
  • Set following error limit, acceleration limit and output limit, to ensure safe and reliable control
  • PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) digital filters with velocity and acceleration feed-forward, and integral limit and output bias compensation

Distribution Region

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia Pacific
    (excluding China & Singapore)
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