PrecisePlace 1400 Robot

The PrecisePlace series of robots are intended for light payload material handling and assembly applications in the life sciences, medical products, semiconductor, electronics, and automotive industries. These robots incorporate the Precise Guidance 3400 Controller inside the X-axis and aluminum extrusions for the robot structure, to achieve a dramatic cost reduction compared to products with similar performance.


  • All wires and hoses are contained inside the robot structure, eliminating flailing cables in the workspace.
  • Two pneumatic lines and 15 user wires are available for application use at the Z-axis
  • X axis is available in increments from a 300mm stroke to a 2000mm stroke
  • Y axis is available in 200mm, 300mm and 400mm strokes
  • Z axis in 100mm and 200mm strokes

Distribution Region

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • And other Asia Pacific regions
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