Preciseflex Robot 1000

The Preciseflex 1000 series of SCARA robots are available in three to four axis configuration and extremely efficient station-to-station motion producing robots intended for light payload material handling and assembly applications in the life sciences, medical products, semiconductor, electronics, and automotive industries. The controller, harness and pneumatic lines are all built into the robot, so there is no controller integration required, no harnesses to purchase or to thread, and no extra controller cabinet. This results in much less setup time and a much smaller equipment footprint. Preciseflex has a powerful motion controller and flexible configurations that is both simple and powerful programming.

Key Features

  • Guidance Vision-Guidance Controller and power supplies embedded in robot structure to achieve low cost and less product footprint
  • All harnesses, wires, and hoses are contained inside the robot structure to eliminate cables in the workspace
  • Fully integrated system and fully assembled for ready to use
  • Pneumatic lines and IO user signals are available for application use at end effector
  • Encoders provide excellent resolution and repeatability

Preciseflex Features

  • Available in a three or four axis configuration
  • Easily adaptable gripper can be mounted vertically to reach down to assemble parts and horizontally to service a row of equipment that is not directly in-line with the robot base.
  • J1 Axis rotation ranges +/- 176 degrees
  • Z Axis has configurations from 300mm (standard) to 600mm (optional)
  • J3 Axis rotation ranges +/- 162 degrees
  • Maximum acceleration of 2G with 2kg payload, 1.3 with 4kg payload

Distribution Region

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • And other Asia Pacific regions

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