Solar Cell Wafer Counting Systems

The Solarcell Wafer Counter System counts the number of solar wafers. The image processing technology specially designed machine includes innovated technology in illumination, image resolution, camera, and artificial intelligence. This product provides accurate and fast counting of raw and finished wafers.





  • Accurate counting, avoid incorrect-counting due to wafer stuck or tilted
  • Adjustable parameters to fit each thickness for various thickness
  • Max count: 105 piece for each count, Min count: 10 piece for each count
  • Logs for statistics
  • Wafer Size: 156*156mm,125*125mm( Please contact us for different thickness)
  • Raw & finished-wafer
  • GUI is user-friendly :now English/Spanish and Chineseare standard. Other language can be set. (please contact us)

Distribution Region

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • USA
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