System Integration

In addition to automation components, we provide solution products such as inspection and assembly systems for high quality manufacturing.
Innovation Matrix Aligner Platform
IM's Aligner Platform combines the basic components of stages, a controller platform and a vision system with sophisticated software for multiple parts alignment and vision inspection. The Aligner Platform is a hardware independent solution that has integrated vision guidance and motion control and is easy to use.» more
CD Inspection Systems
Innovation Matrix represents a company that is dedicated to the CD production industry. The following is the list of standard systems available for the CD production industry.» more
Solarcell Wafer Counter System
The Solarcell Wafer Counter System counts the number of solar wafers. With the image processing technology, specially designed machine, illumination, high resolution camera, and artificial intelligence, it provides accurate and fast counting for raw and finished wafers.» more
Automatic Dimension Measuring System
The Auto Dimension Measuring Sytem, created by Chuo Electric Workds Inc., is a non-contact image processing system for large films and sheets. Compatable with the 5th Generation LCD and conducted by easy operation begining with a single mouse-click of the measurement points. » more
Automatic Dimension Measuring Equipment
The Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment is an operating solution for image diagnostic and recording. Innovation Matrix offers Chuo Electronic Works Inc.'s auto measurement equipment for 2-dimensional sizes, outline, border, and surface dimension of holes of various flat sheets.» more
Simulation Software
CSR E-Hub Assembly
Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd. provides E-Hub Assembly, a 3-D graphical workcell optimizing program, allows users to create robotic workcells for smart part assembly, electromachanical assembly, pick & place, and material handling applications. » more
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