Linear Inverted Pendulum

The inverted pendulum system is a nonlinear unstable system, an ideal experiment platform for teaching control theories and conducting various control experiments. Many abstract control concepts, such as the stability and the controllability of a control system, can all be shown visually through the inverted pendulum system. In addition to educational purposes, an inverted pendulum is also an excellent tool for researchers of modern control theories. Through continuous research new control methods have been developed and then applied to high-tech industries such as aeronautical engineering and robotics.


The linear inverted pendulum series of products, developed by Googol Technology, adopts an open control solution and a modularized experiment platform. With the linear motion module as the base platform, it is easy to build more than 10 teaching and experiment control platforms, satisfying the various needs for control teaching and research.



  • Learn abstract control concepts
  • Research modern control theories
  • Developed new control methods


  1. Research and Development
      • Prototyping and Simulations
  2. Educational Tool
    • University Labs
    • Control and Programing Course
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