The PreciseVision ESystem

The PreciseVision System is a machine vision software package that can run either in the Precise Guidance 3000 Series of motion controllers, or remotely on a PC connected to the controller by Ethernet.


PreciseVision is intended for motion guidance applications such as fiducial location on circuit boards and semiconductors, part feeding from trays or conveyor belts, fluid and solid sampling in the life science industries, and precision assembly in the electronics and mechanical parts industries.


There are two primary sets of vision tools. The first is a powerful Object Locator, which is used for finding objects, regardless of their position or orientation in the field of view, based on a single picture taken of the object. The Object Locator is used for part feeding, fiducial finding, and general pattern recognition.


The second set of tools is a powerful library of vision operators for performing measurement and inspection functions. These tools are generally used by a vision application program to measure parts for quality control purposes or for precision alignment purposes. Both economical 640 by 480 pixel resolution cameras and megapixel cameras are supported.



  • Complete, Precision Optical Measurement Toolset
  • Powerful Patented Object Locator
  • Seamless Integration with Motion
  • Embedded or Remote Execution
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical Programming

Distribution Region

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • And other Asia Pacific regions
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