CSR E-Hub Assembly

Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd. provides E-Hub Assembly, a 3-D graphical workcell optimizing program, allows users to create robotic workcells for smart part assembly, electromachanical assembly, pick & place, and material handling applications. Automatically uploads application feasability and accurate cycle times onto a line optimization system to improve production throughput.




  • Enhance visual presentations (2D AVI or interactive 3D AC & E format)
  • Fast cell layout and simulation
  • Point-and-click user interface
  • Accurate cycle times and robot settling times
  • Checks dynamic motor saturation limits
  • Part throughput
  • Optimize cell design


  • Standard library of Adept/Staubli kinematically accurate robots and mechanisms
  • 150 non- Adept/Staubli robot models can also be modelled
  • User-defined tools can be created by the designer for special and unique tooling workcells
  • Provides maximum flexibility to create a fully funtional, custom robot mechanism.
  • 3D dynamic graphical environment

Distribution Region

  • China
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • USA
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