Smart Gripper 3.0

Applied Roboticfs Smart Gripper 3.0 is the newest version in end of tooling interchangeable fingers with precision movement, fail safe, and utilizing a synchronous timing belt to provide a robust and controlled gripping solution. The Smart Gripper includes easy integration and programmable, closed loop operation to your material handling needs.




  • 0 - 84 mm (42 mm per finger)
  • Repeatability 0.25 mm
  • Up to 84 N variable and adjustable grip force
  • Single cble for power and discrete digital inputs and outputs
  • 12bit relative encoder closed loop architechture
  • Single cable for power and communication
  • Pending CE certification
  • Fail safe break
  • Easy integration


  • Accurate positioning of the robot fingers
  • Sinple integration with various controllers
  • Reliable and safe
  • Enables damage prevention
  • No proprietary software or controllers required
  • Minimized backlash from direct drive
  • RoHS compliant


    • Quick connect options for flexible automation
    • Collision sensing options
    • Various or custom finger sets agailable
    • Not exactly what your application requires? Contact us.


Distribution Region

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
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