This time, our Innovation Matrix accepted students from Kagoshima University as internship for two weeks and asked us to experience the work in a company based in Silicon Valley, which is difficult to experience in Japan.

Kagoshima University Faculty of Law and Letters Department of Humanities 2 Year Yoneda Shonan

Training period: February 26 – March 9


Currently Innovation Matrix is ​​in the process of rebuilding the company’s system. Among them, the introduction of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is important for establishing the sales system of the company. CRM is a management method that manages customer information, builds long-term relationships with customers, and encourages long-term use of products and services, thereby increasing profits. Analyze customers based on data of various points of contact between companies and customers. From that analysis, we aim to improve long-term earnings by improving satisfaction by maintaining the services and products suitable for customers efficiently and maintaining customers. Innovation Matrix company introduces this CRM and tackles the following four points.

The first point is visualization of sales process. In order to understand the current stage of sales, CRM tracks and visualizes sales activities. Currently, it is the stage of choosing which CRM to use, but by using CRM functions in the future, sales management will allow you to prioritize opportunities and to grasp the opportunities to respond immediately Become. The second point is clarification of Web information. Clarification and analysis using CRM’s collaborative functions, such as customer information entered on the website, what kind of products the customer is asking for, what interests, etc. what interests are retrieved and clicked Create a mechanism that can be done. In other words, it is to create an interface between the website and CRM. The customer information obtained by these will lead to more efficient and prompt information provision and product offering. The third point is the creation of a new image of the company. We redesign the company logo and Web site etc. The fourth point is to reform the multi-user system that anyone can use to create catalogs of products and estimates. As a method, it is possible to change everything to that of Salesforce, or to continuously use Innovation Matrix’s own system. A multiuser system is constructed using either of these. These four points are now part of CRM reforms being carried out at Innovation Matrix.

Two weeks when I got the training was a time of important reform at Innovation Matrix Company which renewed the logo and website etc. I was particularly interested in publicity of the company, so I felt interesting about the idea of ​​the logo and the meeting on introducing customer management software. Although there were many parts that it seemed difficult from the viewpoint that there were many meetings in English and knowledge about IT terms was poor, we could see the negotiation schedule of the underlying part of the company after active exchange of opinions It was a valuable experience. In particular, in CRM, we were able to see the process of choosing and introducing functions while considering the characteristics and scale of the company. I did not compromise for improving the company’s system, and it seemed like I was thinking about comparing various projects, and I was able to learn from the viewpoint of management. Also, at the meeting, it was impressive that there were many video meetings. In fact, video meetings with consultants and vendors, explanation of the product, explanation of the operation method, price negotiation etc were carried out. Because it is a company that is opposed to the world, there is no geographical restriction, and I felt that the video meeting, which enables interaction with a distant party only by adjusting the time zone, has a great merit. In Japan, since the meeting of face to face is mainstream, from this point also I could feel the way of working in America efficiently and smartly.