Our Solutions


Magni Robot Platform

Make your robot project quicker and easier


Industrial Robot Hand

-Quickly change your tools


Parts Feeder

-The flexible parts feeding system for automated production lines


Remote Error Recovery Software

-Monitor and control industrial robot arms from anywhere

Leave the automation to Innovation Matrix.

Innovation Matrix offers consulting services in the fields of advanced robotics, vision technology products, systems integration, and automation. Our expertise lies in facilitating global operations between Asia Pacific countries and the United States. With the increasing complexity and sophistication of automation, selecting the right components and technologies to meet your requirements can be time-consuming and expensive. With over 50 years of experience in advanced robotics and sales, Innovation Matrix is well-positioned to assist you.
Our primary focus is on the automation industry in Asia Pacific countries, and we have established an international presence with offices and partners in Japan, the USA, Singapore, and Taiwan. Whether you are in need of high-quality automation parts, system integration solutions, or consulting services for the automation industry, we are here to provide assistance.