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Applied Robotics

Applied Robotics is a leading global provider of specialized end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions. As the robotics company create designs meeting unique application and market needs, they bring new levels of flexibility and efficiency to bear on the industrial material handling process. Since 1983, Applied Robotics has been the company that industries turn to when productivity is being stalled by their existing tooling options. Applied Robotics can solve this problem by developing specialized tooling solutions that can offer you a better competitive advantage. Applied Robotics will find the routes to delivering higher productivity and innovative solutions to industries worldwide. Applied Robotics provides robotic solutions to companies all over the world and sustain markets including automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and packaged goods. Details


Ubiquity Robotics is a robotics company on helping you get your applications out the door.Members of our technical team have worked on everything from hubble to the
first Sun microsystems workstations. Most of of us, have been building robots for years, some of us decades and we know what will make things faster for you.

But it isn’t just about the technology, we want to bring you a high quality robot at a terrific price, and so we have on the team deep quality, design to cost and supply chain expertise. All this means that when you get your robot you’ll be able to build what you want quickly. Detail

ARS Automation

ARS is a worldwide italian supplier of flexible automation systems located in Arezzo, Tuscany. They stands out for innovative solutions thanks to its team of professionals, whose experiences range from robotics, to machine vision, to non-destructive x-ray technology.

Over the years, ARS has developed significant experience in designing special machines for electronic, automotive, cosmetic, medical and food markets. ARS team combines its automation experience with latest innovations, proposing flexible, reliable, precise and technologically advanced solutions, such as the flexible and innovative feeder Flexibowl®.

Their solutions are always designed to meet the customer’s requirements, aiming at ensuring high-quality performances and efficiency. ARS operates within corporate networks and collaborates with OEMs and System Integrators in Italy and abroad.

While still being a small company, ARS has an internal R&D division and cooperates with Universities and R&D Centers in Italy.Thanks to the financial support granted by Regione Toscana (Progetto finanziato nel quadro del POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020) ARS is developing new solutions for flexible automation. Details