Epsilon Docking & Connection Technology -Automatically and quickly replace tools-

Applied Robotics’ Epsilon docking connection technology is designed to improve any process requiring frequent connection/disconnection of utilities – automatically.

Epsilon Docking&Connection Technology

Key Benefits

  • Unique wear-compensating, fail-safe cam latching mechanism
  • Simultaneous coupling of all utilities, such as gas, liquid, electrical and optical
  • Reduce line changeovers from hours to minutes
  • Minimize dedicated floor space
  • Contacts in electrical block are spring loaded to reduce wear from repeated coupling/uncoupling and are field replaceable


  • Mold changing
  • Tool Changing
  • Interchangeable frame gate systems
  • Assembly line automated carriers with electrical connectors
  • Pallet coupling systems
  • Rotary turntables
  • Docking systems
  • Test benches

Utility Pass-Through

  • Gas
  • Liquid
  • Vacuum
  • Primary Power
  • Signal Power
  • Video
  • Communications
  • Control Logic
    • Profibus-DP
    • Interbus-S
    • DeviceNet

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