Flexible Smart Gripper -A fully electrically actuated gripper-

The Flexible Smart Gripper™ (FSG) is a fully electrically actuated gripper with flexible, soft bodied fingers for handling objects of varying size, shape, and weight.


  • Fully electric
  • Programmable Open/Close Finger Position settings
  • Patented, FDA compliant silicone fingers
    • Allows for soft, flexible gripping of delicate objects
    • Flexible in gripping direction and rigid in all other degrees of freedom
  • Enhanced Intelligence version
    • Part Confirmation
    • Force Control
  • Compatible with collaborative robots
Flexible Smart Gripper


The Flexible Smart Gripper™ (FSG) allows for the picking and placing of a multitude of shapes and sizes due to its patented, FDA compliant silicone fingers, actuated by a fully electric system. The ability to rotate in the Roll degree of freedom, while keeping rigid in the Pitch and the Yaw degrees of freedom, allows for dependable, soft, and flexible gripping of delicate objects.

Flexible Smart Gripper


Flexible Smart Gripper

The Enhanced Intelligence version of the FSG provides additional finger positions for grip precision and efficiency, as well as force control, allowing the user to reliably handle delicate objects.
The FSG can be easily programmed through a simple user interface that can be accessed with any Wi-Fi enabled device.

The Flexible Smart Gripper solves all of the complex challenges found in handling delicate and randomly shaped objects commonly found in food processing and retail order fulfillment by combining the gentle handling of objects with the intelligence and feedback of an electrically operated gripper.

Stefan Casey, COO


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