Heavy Duty Bag Gripper -Solutions for palletizing bags weighing more than 50 pounds-

Designed for palletizing applications

The Heavy Duty Bag Gripper is built for palletizing applications involving the placement of various sized and weights of bags over 50lb. in harsh environments. The Bag Gripper has pneumatically actuated, highly dynamic, high cycle, repeatable bag moving abilities for all types of heavy loading needs.

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  • Pneumatically actuated to avoid misalignment and provide
  • consistency by centering the tool and bag
  • Manually adjustable clamps to accomodate differente bag widths
  • Required valving and plumming included
  • Coated and sealed to protect from extreme environments


  • A sensor to verify presence / absence of the bag in the gripper
  • 20+ cycles per minute depending on heavy duty gripper travel needs
  • Pre-configured for robots with an ISO 125 bolt pattern for tool mounting or many other options
  • Easy robot integration from valve, electrical cable, sensor and junction box provided

Distribution Region

  • Japan
  • Taiwan

Heavy Duty Bag Gripper

Applied Robotics Heavy Duty Bag Gripper in Harsh Environments

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