QuickStop Collision Sensor -Detecting collisions between robots and jigs to avoid long line stoppages-

Applied Robotics’ QuickStop is a pneumatically operated, dynamic variable collision sensor.

QuickSTOP Collision Sensor avoids downtime for low cost manufacturing and high volume production. The air chamber opens at the moment of impact to absorb the shock with break-away threshold. At the moment of impact, collision or dynamic overload, the device sends an immediate shutdown signal to the system controller. The QuickSTOP sensor is a dynamically variable collision sensor that operates on air pressure. Instant recognition of angular and compressive forces offers protection to X, Y, Z axes at the impact of the opened air chamber. The non-comprehensive metal ensures reliability and consistant operation and better tool protection. The pressure loss upon impact offers better tool protection as the QuickSTOP absorbs energy and removes the force from your tool and robot wrist.

Features and Benefits

  • Dynamically Variable Trip points allow the sensor to be programed at all desired speeds of an operation. The breakaway threshold adjusts to match the working force ranges of your robot/application.
  • Permanent repeatability and consistancy
  • Monitors Performance Readiness by indicating proper positioning
  • At the moment of impact, the QuickSTOP’s air chamber is opened, exhausting pressure which instantly opens the pressure switch and causes loss of signal.
  • Solid state switch employs a solid state pressure sensor and surface mount interface electronics, all self contained within a sealed housing. Dynamic operating range is 15-99psi. Seperate solid state PNP (sourcing) and NPN (sinking) outputs, rated at 200 mA.


  • Material Handling
  • Machine loading and unloading
  • Pick and place operations
  • Arc Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • And many more application requirements are met by Applied Robotics



QuickSTOP Collision Sensor

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Note: Specifications provided are maximum recommended limits under static conditions.


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