Sigma 5.1 Tool Changer -For automotive welding lines-

sigma5.1(Applied Robotics)

Applied Robotics Sigma 5.1 is a heavy duty modular tool changer with greater modularity and exceptional strength to perform the heaviest jobs in factory production. The tool changer endures a higher payload capacity of 500kg and the low profile reduces inertial forces. Eliminate existing adaptor plates for Sigma 5.1’s lower weight, increased strength, and increased efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique six-sided design accomodates more utilities
  • Sigma 5.1 and Sigma 3.1 common profile provides modularity and allows for interchangeability of utility modules
  • Supports wide variety of bus communication systems


  • Spot welding
  • Material handling
  • Machine loading/unloaing
  • Mold changing
  • Docking systems
  • Pallet coupling systems
  • Pick and place operations
  • Press transfer



Robot Adaptor

Tool Adaptor

Payload (kg)


Moment-Mx, My

2,937 Nm

Moment Mz

3,084 Nm

Height (mm)


Width x Length (mm)

310 x 358


11.34 kg

8.66 kg

Couple/ Uncouple Port

1/4 BSPP


Couple Status Sensor

couple / uncouple


Repeatability-X,Y (mm)


Repeatability-Z (mm)


Operating Temp. (deg. C)


Operating Pressure

6bar ± 1

Note: Specifications provided are maximum recommended limits under static conditions.

Distribution Region

  • Japan
  • Taiwan

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