Sigma I/O Module

Sigma_IO(Applied Robotics)

Applied Robotics Sigma I/O Module is a highly interchangable and configurable system and designed to work with the Sigma 3.1 and Sigma 5.1 tool changer systems in a variety of applications from pneumatic spot welding and material handling to pick and place operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets different signal requirement needs with the flexible I/O module system
  • Module may include pre-wired, ready-to-couple signal and and strain relief connectors


Robot Module Weight

0.94 kg / 2.1 lb

Tool Machine Weight

0.84 kg / 1.9lb

Moment MzCurrent / Probe

5 amps

Resistance / Probe

50 (mOhm)

Wire Guage for Receptables

22 – 26 AWG

Note: Specifications provided are maximum recommended limits under static conditions.


Distribution Region

  • Japan
  • Taiwan

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