Tool Storage Fixture -Holding heavy tooling while not in use-

ToolStorageChanger(Applied Robotics)

Applied Robotic’s Tool Storage Fixture will hold heavy tooling while not in use. This durable fixture is for use with the larger, heavy duty Sigma line of tool changers. The fixture Includes four primary components; the Fixture Base Weldment, the Extension, the Compliant Fixture Assembly Tooling Mount and the Cover Shield Assembly.

The space saving fixture can hold one or two tools on base and is durable enough to handle large offset moment loads.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal completely modular design to work with any customer need and all weld guns and tooling
  • Compact design utilizes fewer parts
  • High moment capacity
  • Spring loaded compliancy and tool presence sensing available
  • Cover assembly protects the tool and tool changer from airborne debris
  • Available in standard and heavy-payload capacities


  • Single / Double Fisture Base Categories
  • 500kg max heavy payload
  • Horizontal extentions available upon request

Distribution Region

  • Japan
  • Taiwan

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