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Fetch Robotics (Fetch · Robotic Tech) is a US robot bench developing the self-propelled robot “Freight”. The company is a venture that has gained much attention as it raised $ 20 million in funds from three companies, mainly Softbank, in June 2015.

Freight is an autonomous running logistics support robot that can load up to 100 kg of baggage. As cargo supports the transportation of luggage, workers can concentrate on picking work and assembling work, and enterprises will improve their productivity by having robots handle transportation work.

Unlike the AGV of the future, it is possible to carry out navigation on environmental changes by installing autonomous intelligence and creating a map of the surroundings by oneself. In addition to basic information such as below and beyond the parcels in the warehouse and the factory and the electricity storage stations, rules such as the movement priority route and the no-go area for each area can be embedded in the map, and information is shared by multiple robots . It is possible to respond flexibly.

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