CartConnect -Robots autonomously pick up and drops off carts-

Autonomously pickup and drop off carts between any locations within your facility with CartConnect.

CartConnect robots autonomously pick up and drop off our FetchCarts to any location within facilities with material handling needs.

Multiple sensors ensure CartConnect safely and efficiently navigates between locations, and is able to work safely alongside people, forklifts, and other material handling equipment.

CartConnect transports materials within a facility at a speed of up to 1.5 meters per second.

CartConnect2020 Video

Warehouse Automation Made Easy with Automated Carts On-Demand

Automated material handling has never been so simple. Just use any web-enabled device to request a pick-up and select a drop-off location. The nearest CartConnect robot will then automatically move to the pick-up area, dock with the loaded FetchCart, and transport it to the selected drop-off area. Upon arrival, CartConnect automatically detaches from the FetchCart and is ready for the next task.



Weight74 kg(16.3lbs)
Height496 mm (19.5 in)
Base Footprint527mm (20.7in)wide ,
573mm (22.6in) diameter
Maximum Speed1.4m/s (5km/h)
Nominal Continuous Runtime 〜9 hours

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