Freight 500/1500

Freight500 and Freight1500 provide industry-leading payload
capacity.Fetch Robotics offers two sizes of industrial Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to enable on-demand pallet transport in your facility with no infrastructure changes required. Freight500 is designed to handle cases and smaller pallets while maintaining a slim profile to maneuver around tighter spaces. Freight1500 is designed for maximum payloads and more traditional palletized workflows.




Freight500 Freight1500
Base Footprint 1014mm (40in) wide, 1441mm (56.7in) long 1324mm (52in) wide,
1677mm (66in) long
Payload 500 kg(1100lbs) 1500 kg(3300lbs)
Maximum Speed 1.5m/s (5.4km/h) 1.3m/s (4.7km/h)
Nominal Continuous Runtime 〜9 hours 〜9 hours