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The Fetch Mobile Manipulator and Freight Mobile Robot Base provide a common robotics platform for researchers around the world to collaborate and share research. Fetch Robotics research platforms were designed to work with the Robot Operating Systems (ROS) for the greatest common usability and familiarity.

Fetch Mobile Manipulator

Future Robotics Accelerate Learning with Fetch Research

The Fetch robot consists of a back-drivable 7 DOF arm with 7 degrees of freedom and a modular end effector on a mobile base. It is designed to detect and select items up to 6 kilograms off of warehouse shelves and has a grasping range from the floor to about 2 meters. With its autonomous navigation and collision free motion planning system this mobile manipulator can also be considered as a robotics research platform in addition to its main logistics applications. Built upon the open-source robot operating system ROS, the system includes software to support both Fetch and Freight robots and integrate with the warehouse environment.


Freight Mobile Base

Advance Autonomous Mobile Development with Freight Research Model

The Freight robot is a mobile base unit designed specifically to assist in high-pressure logistics and e-commerce warehouse environments. Faster and smaller than the Fetch robot it can zip through the warehouse working as an autonomous cargo delivery cart into which either a human worker or the Fetch robot can place picked products. When the Freight cart is full it is then deployed to the shipping area and another Freight robot is ordered to continue the job. Fetch and Freight can be paired to work together with or without human collaboration.

Willow Garage & ROS

Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise was the second employee at famed robotics lab Willow Garage, where she helped create the Robot Operating System (ROS), the PR2 robot, as well as the Turtlebot. Since the launch of these products, they have become the standard tools used for robotics research and development.

Learn more about the origin and creation of ROS in the first of Red Hat’s five part series, “How to Start a Robot Revolution” featuring Melonee and other Willow Garage alums. 

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