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inVia Robotics is a rapidly growing provider of next generation warehouse automation solutions. The inVia system is comprised of nimble robots, powerful AI-driven optimization software, and 24/7 proactive monitoring all dramatically increasing productivity and accuracy by creating efficient workflows, eliminating wasteful warehouse walking, and ensuring smooth operations day and night.

Automation is about more than just robots. It’s about taking your business to the next level.

What inVia offer is truly greater than the sum of its parts. It’s not about any one piece of hardware or software. While inVia’s subscription-based service does include autonomous robots, powerful optimization software, and dedicated monitoring teams, the true value inVia provide is far greater: a whole new way to help your business thrive.

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What’s the big difference? Actually, there are three.


By automating repetitive tasks, inVia system improves accuracy throughout the fulfillment process–delivering a rate of 99.9%–while meeting customer demand and enhancing working conditions for your workforce.


inVia software determines optimized paths and mapped workflows creating substantially higher throughput. This Goods-to-Person approach also eliminates inefficient and costly warehouse walking.


inVia Robotics Operations Center (ROC) is staffed by robotics experts who proactively monitor your system 24/7 identifying and addressing potential issues before they become problems.

Why choose the inVia system?

  • A Complete Automation Solution
    inVia autonomous robots, intelligent software, and full-service Robotics Operations Center provide true end-to-end, cost-effective automation.
  • Implementation in Weeks
    Don’t change a thing; inVia turnkey system integrates with your existing warehouse so deployment happens in weeks, not months.

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