inVia PickMate -Easy-to-read color picking management software-

Increased efficiency.
It’s not just for robots.

inVia PickMate is our easy-to-use software that improves picking results in zones where you aren’t using robots. We calculate the most efficient and accurate way for your people to take products from inventory to pack out, and then tell them exactly which steps to follow.

Software Only

Use the power of AI technology to locate your inventory and integrate tasks in a way that you’re able to fully utilize all of your workforce.

Automated Labor

Once you’ve optimized your resource allocation and the location of your inventory, adding automated labor into your operations yields even greater productivity gains.

Automated Warehouse

With space and labor optimized and robots on the floor, you’re ready to take it to the next level and expand the level of automation
—and efficiency—in your warehouse.

Directs picks delivered by robots

inVia Picker robots deliver inventory to a sortation station or an inVia PickerWall where your people are directed on how many units to pick and which order bins to sort them into. The result is productivity increases of 4-5x.

Directs picks from racks or pallets

Your workers are directed where to travel to in the warehouse to retrieve SKUs, how many to pick, and which order bins to sort them into. The result is productivity increases of 2-3x.

Uses Pick-to-Color visual cues

We designed inVia PickMate to use spatial and color prompts to allow for rapid and fluid movements. It requires minimal training so workers quickly grasp assigned tasks and are productive immediately. Just pick, place, repeat.

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