Implementation in Weeks -Zero to automated in weeks not months-

Zero to automated
in weeks not months.

InVia work with your warehouse’s existing WMS, layout, and racks. That means that, unlike other systems, implementation happens in weeks not months and you can start seeing ROI sooner rather than later.

Flow of InVia System Implementation

Assessment of your current environment

We assess your current environment, including workflows and operational data, and create the right automation design for your business.

Simulation analysis to build your ideal robotics system

We then create a simulation analysis, where we use inVia Logic, our software that calculates and synchronizes inventory movements, to build your ideal robotics system, including dynamic slotting and maximized space allocation.

This system integrates with your existing systems

This system integrates with your existing systems through APIs and the help of our data translator, inVia Connect.

Robots are deployed, mapping your warehouse

Our robots are deployed, and the first thing they do is map your warehouse under the direction of inVia Command.

One final optimization, then your ROI begins

We conduct one final optimization.

What’s that new feeling? It’s peace of mind.

Once you’re up and running, our service kicks in to look after your business. We take the worry out of daily operations with remote operation of our robots and active 24/7 monitoring of your operations from our Robotics Operations Center.

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