Established in 1988, Muscle was inspired by the dream of an engineer to create products that would benefit and contribute to the development of technology and civilization, eventually leading to the actualization of such a dream in the form of Muscle Corporation. Six years later, Muscle Corporation was approved as a recipient of an investment trust from the Osaka Prefecture Research and Development type Enterprise Promotion Foundation. In its 10th year, it succeeded in the development of products approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and began exporting medical devices to major medical companies in the USA. Though being a small company, Muscle has developed into an intelligent vehicle that possesses a high level of technological and sales expertise. In addition, Muscle is playing an active role as a fabless company that outsources manufacturing to world-class companies. Actualizing what other companies cannot accomplish through the acquisition of patents and the accumulation of knowledge is the policy that defines Muscle Corporation’s existence as a rapidly growing company today.

Cool Muscle

Module & Actuator

Integrated Motor

Cool Muscle 1
Cool Muscle 2

Integrated Actuator

DHE Servo Grippers
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RL-T Low Cost Rod less
TypeRD-T Low Cost Rod
TypeRG Miniature Actuator