Integrated Motor – Cool Muscle 1

The Cool Muscle is a closed loop vector drive servo system. An intelligent driver with a 32-bit RISC CPU, a magnetic encoder, and power management are built onto the motor. The Cool Muscle excels in performance, size, and cost, offering new ways to design and develop with motion control.


The Cool Muscle is an all in one solution for your motion control. Based around a 32-bit RISC CPU, the integrated controller offers a wide range of hardware and software features. Motion programs can be stored with the motor, eliminating the need for driver and controller boxes. Networked motors can also communicate with each other.




  • Eliminates the need for an external driver box, controller and sensors to make your system compact and simple.motors deliver more torque per amp
  • Motor can be preprogrammed
  • Program loading can be executed by a switch, PC or PLC.
  • Send commands directly to the Cool Muscle via PC or embedded computers
  • The C type Cool Muscles can be daisy chained, providing
    you with a simple and low cost network solution
  • The Ptype Cool Muscle supports both CW/CCW and Pulse/Direction


  • Input Supply Voltage : 24VDC
  • Max Speed: 3000RPM
  • Control Method : Closed Loop Vector Control
  • Encoder: Incremental Magnetic Encoder (50,000 pulses rotaion)
  • Resolution (Pulse/Rotation): From 200 to 50,000 set by parameter
  • Motor Output Power:9W, 18W, 30W, 45W

Distribution Region

  • China
  • Japan
  • USA