Olis Robotics – Remote Error Recovery For Industrial Robots

Software for Remote Monitoring and Operation – Olis Connect

Olis Robotics’s edge-hosted product allows for remote operation and video reporting of industrial robot arms. With a user-friendly web interface, ensuring uptime is as simple as a click of a button.

Remote Error Recovery for Industrial Robots


Never miss a detail with low-latency video feeds that get better when you zoom.


Video alerts by email let you start diagnostics within minutes of stoppage.


Remote control robot and equipment directly from the browser and get production back online.

Supported Robot Brands

Universal Robot

Universal Robot





Quick setup in 30 minutes

1. Mount

Mount one industrial PC per robot and connect to Ethernet or WiFi. Mount cameras on tripods and connect via USB

Olis Connect

2. Pair

Olis Connect automatically finds your robot arm on the local network

3. Setup VPN (optional)

We ship with native support for Tailscale VPN. Once your account is setup, you are in full control over who gets access to your robot and when.
Olis Connect also supports most corporate VPNs as well as private networks without internet access.


Olis Robotics got you covered


Velocity, acceleration, and joint limit settings on the robot are always obeyed when remote controlling the arm. This also goes for safety planes and other restrictions.

Data Security

Olis Connect is 100% edge-hosted — putting you in full control of your production data.
During remote access, data flows straight from the robot to you – without being stored in cloud services along the way.

Production first

Olis Connect does not interfere with robots, software or end-effectors. If the unit is needed somewhere else, it can be removed quickly with minimal disruption.

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