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Revolutionizing the automation industry for over 30 years

Precise Automation designs and sells compact, low-cost, high performance vision-guided robotic motion controllers with integrated motor drives and a line of new mechanisms for the electronics, semiconductor, and life sciences industries. Precise partners with OEM’s in the design, manufacturing, integration, and distribution of these products. The vision-guided motion controllers integrate motor drives, powerful, user-friendly software and vision and network capabilities in a small foot print. These controllers can drive and control small robots as well as room size gantries.

Collaborative Robot

Now a new generation of “collaborate” robots that focus on built-in safety and ease-of-use have enabled non-traditional robot users to automate processes that could not be practically addressed before.  These collaborative robots are safe to use without shielding, which permits them to be deployed more easily and in environments where space and access to the workcell while the robot is operating are beneficial or critical.  Also, by simplifying the programming environment, users without robot programming experience can implement simple workcells quickly and efficiently.

PF3400 SCARA Robot(Precise Automation)
PP100 CARTASIAN Robot(Precise Automation)
PAVP6 / PAVS6 Robot

Motion Control

Each of Precise Automation’s vision-guided, multi-axis robotic Guidance Motion Controllers integrates motion control, drives, IO, network communications and machine vision in an extremely compact and cost effective package.

Guidance Motion Control

Vision System

PreciseVision is a machine vision software package that executes on a PC and is intended for applications such as locating fiducials on circuit boards, feeding parts from trays or conveyor belts, sampling fluids and solids in the life science industries, and assembling precision parts in the electronics and mechanical parts industries. 

Precise Vision
Precise Vision

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