Precise Automation Industrial Collaborative Robot -Enabling Human Collaboration with Certainty and Safety-

A new generation of “collaborate” robots

PF3400 SCARA Robot

The World’s Safest / Fastest Robot

The PF3400 is the world’s first collaborative four-axis SCARA robot. Its inherently safe design allows the PF3400 to achieve speeds and accelerations much faster than any other collaborative robot while still limiting forces to ISO collaborative robot standards, making the PF3400 the world’s fastest/safest robot. 


The World’s Only Collaborative Cartesian Robot

The PP100 is the world’s only collaborative Cartesian robot. Its novel mechanical design offers a price below most collaborative robots and lowers the overall costs of table top applications. 

PAVP/VS6 Six-Axis Robot

6-axis collaborative robot

Precise Automation’s line of industrial collaborative six-axis articulated robots provides the features, price and repeatability offered by traditional robots with the ease of use of popular collaborative robots.