Sightech is an innovated manufacturer of industrial vision systems for quality inspection and factory automation. Offering revolutionary approaches to inspection, Sightech provides machine vision that learns how to recognize parts or monitor repetitive processes all by itself. This powerful self-learning vision technology opens up new frontiers to quality management and solves problems that were never found in the past.

Sightech’s devices are special because they are self-learning; in other words, there is no need for programming! The artificial intelligence called Neuro-RAMTM inspects images too complex for conventional vision systems. A manufacturer simply has to define the devices good parts and teach acceptable items. After a couple of minutes or seconds of training, the devices will then be able to detect if a part is good or not. Sightech’s new technology identifies image variations in high speed yet provides quality in trainable technology.

Vision Systems

PC-Eyebot – iMvision

PC-Eyebot – iMvision Edition