SuitX Series -Reduce fatigue and injury from heavy work! Advanced Accessible Exoskeletons –

SuitX ( which was acquired by Ottobock ) develops robotic exoskeletons for the medical and industrial markets. Our solution to the top three injuries in the United States is the max that composes the shoulderX, which is harder shoulders injury backX for back injury and legX for knee injury. The shoulderX is basically just created the rest of my arm. MAX (Modular Agile Exoskeleton) increases productivity while decreasing the risk of injury by reducing muscle strain on employees working in an industrial setting.

Several years of research at the University of California, Berkeley and numerous field evaluations at construction sites, material handling and shipbuilding facilities as well as foundries have led to the development of this effective and comfortable exoskeleton system.



An effective and affordable back support exoskeleton for all-day use that augments its wearer’s strength and productivity, while reducing the risk of back injuries. Detail


An affordable leg exoskeleton to increase productivity and strength, while reducing fatigue and the risk of knee injuries during repetitive or prolonged squatting. Detail


An affordable arm support exoskeleton
to augment strength and productivity
while decreasing the risk of injury during
shoulder fatiguing tasks. Detail


The MAX system is designed to provide a flexible exoskeleton solution that can be adapted for a variety of different workplace tasks. The result is a versatile system that can allow workers to complete shoulder, lower back, and leg intensive tasks with reduced injury risk while remaining comfortable enough to wear all day.

We are selling SuitX to the Japanese market.