ShoulderX -Reduces shoulder strain from tool work-

Dynamic Shoulder Support

shoulderX V3 is the world’s most advanced shoulder-supporting exoskeleton for use by automotive, construction and shipbuilding workers. shoulderX augments its wearer by reducing forces at the shoulder complex, substantially reducing the risk of shoulder injuries and increasing workplace productivity.
The third-generation industrial exoskeleton incorporates novel features based on the feedback obtained from numerous field evaluations across the globe. shoulderX V3 introduces a novel human interface technology that can automatically conform to each user’s unique body shape to achieve an impeccable fit and unparalleled comfort. This interface provides a firm fit to the user, reducing slippage (sagging) between the wearer and the exoskeleton and, hence, reducing the need to perform micro-adjustments of the device during use, as commonly observed in other devices. Additionally, this interface provides superior breathability and has an exceptional ability to remove heat from the user, thereby maximizing user comfort. shoulderX V3 reduces the inventory a customer must manage to support their workforce by providing these key features:

First, it is fully adjustable making it a “one-size-fits-all” wearable exoskeleton, resulting in a single unit addressing the needs of users of various shapes and strengths; second, this novel exoskeleton provides a wide range of strength output through a tool-less adjustment mechanism and it does not require multiple cartridges or gas springs. The third generation of shoulder-supporting exoskeleton boasts a 40 percent reduction in weight by use of carbon fiber without losing any of its industry-leading characteristics and range of support strength. Like its predecessor, the new design does not use electric power, does not need batteries, is available in multiple configurations such as fire retardant, dust-proof and water-resistant and is specifically designed to withstand extremely harsh environments such as construction sites and shipbuilding facilities.  

We chose suitX, as our preferred supplier, to implement exoskeleton technologies in our factories around the globe. The third-generation shoulderX exoskeleton proves suitX’s ability in rapid development of innovative exoskeleton technologies and goes hand in hand with our wish to focus on our employees’ wellbeing, being at the forefront of the technological development as well as increasing the productivity of our factories globally.

Mr. Claus Lindberg Nielsen, head of tooling at Siemens Gamesa

– Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Support: Support capacity can be quickly changed to accommodate different users, tools, tasks, and fatigue level. 
  • Optimized Support: Support force gradually increases as the user lifts his arms and becomes near zero when the arms are lowered, allowing the user to rest arms naturally or reach for tools on their tool belt. 
  • Adjustable Size: Fits range of worker height, waist size, shoulder width, chest depth, and arm length (5%-95% of human dimensions)
  • Anthropometric Profile: Follows user’s body to fit in tight spaces and changing environments
  • Lightweight: shoulderX weighs 7 lbs (3.17 kg)
  • Batteries Not Required: Cleverly designed to reduce the risk of shoulder and arm injuries without the use of actuators and computers
  • Rugged: Waterproof, dustproof, and easy to maintain
  • Comfortable: Minimal inhibition of arm and torso range of motion. Designed for all-day wear
  • Modular: One or two arm use, compatible with legX.
  • Compatible: Compatible with tool belts, allowing workers normal equipment to retain functionality
  • Quick Donning and Doffing: Less than 1 minute to put on or take off

– Competitive Edge

  • Unlike other devices in the market, shoulderX does not require additional hardware (cartridges, cassettes, springs, etc.) to adjust shoulder support strength. This eliminates the risk of losing components and eliminates the need to coordinate and carry additional components.
  • Unlike other devices that protrude significantly behind its user, shoulderX has a slim profile that allows it to be used in confined spaces and reduce the risk of bumping into surrounding objects or personnel.

– ShoulderX in Various Applications

The best applications for shoulderX are those that require sustained work at chest to ceiling level with light to moderate weight tools.

Examples include overhead assembly, paneling, electrical work, welding, grinding, picking, pruning, painting, inspection, and drilling.

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