All Products -Industrial robot peripheral equipment, autonomous robots, etc.-

Here is a selection of products offered by Innovation Matrix. We provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge robot technologies and products from the U.S., including industrial robot peripherals and autonomous robots that are utilized in manufacturing facilities and logistics warehouses. We deliver customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


Autonomous Mobile Robots

Unlike traditional AGVs, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) navigate autonomously, detecting and avoiding obstacles and people. They serve as a replacement for humans in transporting goods within distribution warehouses and manufacturing sites, addressing the ongoing issue of labor shortages. Goods-to-person robots, capable of performing picking tasks on behalf of humans, contribute to maximizing warehouse efficiency.


Magni Robot

Magni Robot is a robotics platform for robot developers. It combines the frame, motors, wheels, motion control, obstacle avoidance, and navigation required in a robot configuration before development.




The Epsilon tool changer series offers a robust and dependable solution for manipulators (i.e., robots) to seamlessly switch between various tools and end-effectors. With Applied Robotics’ modular design, the Epsilon provides unparalleled flexibility to meet the needs of any application.


Collision Sensers

Quick Stop

Applied Robotics’ QuickStop is a pneumatically operated collision sensor with dynamic variable response. It effectively reduces force on the tool and robot wrist, absorbs energy, and minimizes pressure loss upon impact, offering enhanced tool protection.




Flexible Smart Gripper

The Flexible Smart Gripper™ (FSG) is a fully motorized gripper with flexible, soft-bodied fingers for handling objects of different sizes, shapes, and weights.

Heavy Duty Gripper

The Heavy Duty Bag Gripper is built for palletizing applications of various sizes and weights of 50+ pound bags in harsh environments. The Bag Gripper has the pneumatic actuation, highly dynamic, high cycle repeatable back transfer capability for all types of heavy load needs.


Flexible Parts Feeder


FlexiBowl is a flexible part feeder that easily integrates with any robot or vision system, replacing a dedicated set of conventional feeders with a single FlexiBowl® for all parts in the 1 to 250 mm and 1 to 250 g range.

Remote error recovery software for industrial robots


Olis Connect

This software enables monitoring and control of industrial robot arms directly from anywhere via a browser.