Embedded Motion Control Board


The embedded motion control board newly developed by Googol Technology is a stand-alone motion control board. It was made by plugging the embedded PC104 main board onto the Googol’s open-architectural motion control board to form a single unit. It is highly reliable, easy to upgrade and maintain, due to the fact that the motion control board and the PC are connected by pin insertion, tightly joined, and mutually independent. Such a perfect combination of industrial PC and motion control board into one unit gets rid of system instability from using slot connection, all functions of the motion control board are maintained at the same time. In comparison with the PC plug-in motion control board, the embedded system shows the advantages of high reliability under humid, dusty, vibrated and magnetic industrial environments, and lower customer cost because there is no need for an additional PC. It can be used as an ideal CNC development platform for many kinds of industrial applications such as PCB drilling, engraving, laser cutting, etc.



  • Use of high performance DSP, FPGA technology and embedded PC104 main board PC
  • Compatible with any Googol general purposed or specialized motion control board
  • Contain full functions of Googol motion control board
  • Each can control up to 4 servo or stepping motors
  • Support DOS, Win CE, Linux operation system
  • Provide multiple interfaces including USB, COM, Ethernet, DNC, expanded I/O, control panel, touch screen, keyboard, and mouse for easy development troubleshooting and expansion
  • Have the advantages of high reliability under humid, dusty, vibrated and magnetic industrial environment over conventional PC plugged-in motion control board
  • Lower customer cost since no PC is needed
  • Lower consumption (no fan is needed)
  • Easy to maintain since there is no mechanical parts
    axes of coordinated motion controlfor DC brush/brushless servo motors

Distribution Region

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia Pacific
    (excluding China & Singapore)