Fetch Research Model -Future Roboticists Accelerate Learning with Fetch Mobile Manipulator-

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The Fetch robot consists of a back-drivable 7 DOF arm with 7 degrees of freedom and a modular end effector on a mobile base.

It is designed to detect and select items up to 6 kilograms off of warehouse shelves and has a grasping range from the floor to about 2 meters. With its autonomous navigation and collision free motion planning system this mobile manipulator can also be considered as a robotics research platform in addition to its main logistics applications.

Built upon the open-source robot operating system ROS, the system includes software to support both Fetch and Freight robots and integrate with the warehouse environment.


  • Ease of use
  • Follow to human walking speed


Weight113.3kg (250lbs.)
Height1,096 mm down, 1,491 mm up
Base Footprint508 mm (20in) wide、 559 mm (22in) dia.
Max Speed1.0 m/s (2.23mph)
Degrees of freedom13 (base, torso lift, 7-DOF arm, gripper and head)


ProcessorIntel i5, Haswell
Hard drive120GB SSD
WirelessIntegrated 800.11ABGN and 802.15.1
SpeakerStereo speaker in base

7-DOF arm

Payload(at full extention)6kg (less gripper mass)
Arm length to gripper mount940.5 mm
Max end effector speed1.0m/s (2.23mph)

Gripper modularity interface

MachanicalBased on ISO 9409-1 50-4-M6


2D laser25m, 220 degrees
3D RGB-DPrimesense Carmine 1.09 in head
IMU(2)6-DOF IMU in base and gripper


Mount pointsOn top of base and on top of head
Video portHD video port
Other ports3x USB, 1x Ethernet


Max grasp force245N
Max gripper opening100 mm
Installed softwareUbuntu Linux LTS, ROS
Installed applicationsROS Navigation, Movelt!, joystick teleop, calibration

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