The Freight robot is a mobile base unit designed specifically to assist in high-pressure logistics and e-commerce warehouse environments. Faster and smaller than the Fetch robot it can zip through the warehouse working as an autonomous cargo delivery cart into which either a human worker or the Fetch robot can place picked products. When the Freight cart is full it is then deployed to the shipping area and another Freight robot is ordered to continue the job. Fetch and Freight can be paired to work together with or without human collaboration.


  • Ease of use
  • Follow to human walking speed


Drive Time 8 ~10 Hrs.
Charge Time 2 Hrs.
Weight 68kg
Height 359 mm
Base Footprint 508 mm wide、 559 mm dia.
Max. Speed 2.0 M/ sec
Speaker Stereo
CPU Intel i3, Haswell
Hard drive 120GB SSD
Sensors 2D Laser: 25m, 220 度
Wireless 802.11ABGN, 802.15.1
Installed software Ubuntu Linux LTS, ROS
Installed applications ROS Navigation, joystick teleop, calibration


Environmental Condition Indoor

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Distribution Area (Exclusive)

Japan,  Taiwan, Singapore and Australia