GM-400 Motion Controller


GM-400 is a low cost and easy to use motion control card that installs directly into the ISA slot. Its compact and powerful design makes it ideally suitable for PC-based applications such as machine tool control, packaging and factory automation.


The heart of the GM-400 is its PMD 1401A DSP motion chipset. The chipset handles the servo algorithms with PID and velocity filtering for all four axes. It performs the intensive computational tasks required for high performance applications such as digital velocity, torque and position control. The dedicated DSP frees the host CPU for other tasks and protects motion control activities from host software concilicts.




  • 4 axes of coordinated motion controlfor DC brush/brushless servo motors
  • Controls servo devices with analog or PWM inputs
  • Update rate as high as 10kHz (100 microseconds) per axis or 2.5kHz (400 microseconds) for 4 axes
  • Position capture latency as low as 200ns
  • Up to 1MHz 4x quadrature encoder input with index position capture
  • Interupts for motion controller even flag
  • Adopt high-performance DSP and FPGA technology
  • Trajectory generation and servo loop closure with incremental quadrature
  • User programmable servo update rate PID and Bias Oddset Adjustment, or PI and Velocity Feedforward and Bias Offset adjustment filtering algorithms
  • Programmable motion profiles: symmetrical trapezoidal, symmetrical S-curve profiles, electronic gearing, velocity contouring
  • Host-based linear and circular interpolation
  • Partial on-the-fly trajectory parameters update (see: overview)
  • 32-bit position, velocity, acceleration and jerk registers
  • Programmable torque limit
  • Drivers and DLL for Windows98/2000/NT, C and C++ function library

Distribution Region

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia Pacific
    (excluding China & Singapore)