GT-200 Series Motion Controller


The GT-200 series motion controller is a universal controller developed by Googol Technology Ltd. The series has two product versions, the GT-200-SV and GT-200-SG, widely used in applications ranging from simple point-to-point motion control equipment to highly complicated profile motion control equipment, such as measuring machines, engraving machines, NC lathes, machining centers and robots.



  • Adopt high-performance DSP and FPGA technology
  • Each card can control 2 servo/step motors
  • Programmable sampling rate. The minimum interpolation period of four axes is 200us. The minimum control period of single-axis point-to-point motion is 25us
  • Modes of motion: point-to-point motion, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, velocity control, interface to manual pulse generator, and electronic gearing
  • Programmable trapezoid curve planning and S-curve planning and update parameters on-the-fly
  • All registers for computational parameters and trajectory planning parameters are 32 bits
  • Hardware capture of home switch and index signal of encoder
  • Set following-error limit, acceleration limit and output limit, to ensure safe and reliable control
  • PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) digital filter with velocity and acceleration feed-forward, and with integral limit and bias compensation (for SV card).
  • Network communication port (Ethernet, Profibus-DP, RS232, RS232/485) (Optional).
  • User-defined coordinate system for ease of programming
  • Coordinated motion of 2 axes, linear interpolation, and circular interpolation
  • Continuous interpolation function
  • On-board memory buffer to improve communication efficiency
  • Programmable event interrupt: external input interrupt, event interrupt and time interrupt
  • On-board EEPROM to update firmware and parameters
  • Drivers and DLL for Windows98/2000/NT, C and C++ function library

Distribution Region

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia Pacific
    (excluding China & Singapore)